Monday, August 20, 2018

ITS to Launch 5 Week Digital Accessibility Challenge

Starting Aug  27, ITS will be releasing a series of weekly tips aimed at spreading awareness and improving Digital Accessibility skills within the Manhattan College Community.  Each week, a variety of infographics, videos and examples will be available for 5 weeks beginning with the start of the 2018-2019 academic year. The Digital Accessibility challenge will also be posted in the ITS blog each week.

The objective of the challenge is to give participants the tools you need to apply what you learned in actual situations. Whether you are on campus or at home - student or employee - anyone can participate!

The 5-week Digital Accessibility Challenge will include an overview and best practices to promote Digital Accessibility. Participants will have the opportunity to complete each phase of the 5-week challenge at their own pace - all at once, or as topics are released. Track your progress by completing a short questionnaire at the end of each challenge and earn the 5 -week Web Accessibility  badge at the end of the program!  
Please note, for planning purposes, it will take approximately 30 minutes each week to review the material and take a questionnaire based on the content.
Photo of a Disability Awareness (DA) Challenge badge issued by Manhattan College
 A digital badge is a way to communicate and track achievement, they make your credentials portable and your skills more visible. You can put the Digital Badge on your resume or link to your LinkedIn account.  These badges or digital certificates, are issued by Manhattan College and they do not expire.