Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Manhattan College Moodle Course Server Code and Theme Update for Fall 2018

A New Moodle with New Look and Features!

Come Monday, 8/20, Manhattan College's Moodle Course Server will have a new look, and with it some nice new features!

The upgrade of the Moodle course management system (from Moodle 3.1 to Moodle 3.5)  comes with a cleaner and more modern appearance, thanks to a new core theme upon which Manhattan College's customization is now built.

The new theme has been designed to improve the overall user experience of Moodle across desktop and mobile devices and it comes with a new navigation system, course layout and convenient editing options.

A few things for you to note is that you will now have a left slidable navigation drawer that can be opened and closed using the Hamburger Icon (button with 3 small horizontal lines).  This will allow you to have more screen real estate on your computer, tablet or phone when viewing your Moodle content and to quickly move between your classes.

With the new theme, Moodle is aiming towards a unified (harmonised) experience with the Moodle Mobile app (to be rolled out here at Manhattan College at some point in the future).